5 Tips to Help Overwhelmed Naturals

5 tips to help overwhelmed naturals

If you’re new to the natural hair community then welcome to the club! It’s completely normal to feel a little overwhelmed when you first start. From learning a whole new list of natural hair terminology to choosing the right oil for your hair type, it takes a lot of trial and error.

Luckily, in this blog, we have some top tips for those struggling with their natural hair.

Figure out your needs

Once you have a better understanding of your curls, you’ll find it much easier finding styling techniques and products that work. Learn about its porosity (how well your hair absorbs and holds moisture), take note of how it changes throughout the day and look at its texture.

Don’t forget to moisturize

Natural hair needs a lot of moisture, so it stays soft, hydrated and defined. Be sure to add as much moisture into your routine as you can with lightweight oils such as our Superfood Avocado + Chia Seed Hair Oil and concentrate on the lengths of your hair not just the scalp. You can do this through hot oil treatments, adding oils to your deep conditioners and applying oil as the last steps in your styling process.

Take progress pictures

It may seem like you aren’t making any progress, but it can be hard to spot when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror every day. Taking monthly progress pictures is a great way of documenting your journey. Looking back at how far you’ve come will keep you motivated and help you stay on the right hair care path.

Switch up your styling technique

If your styling technique isn’t working for you then it’s time to switch it up. Why not try the L.O.C method, using a Denman brush, diffusing and air drying? The way you apply your products will affect the end result so give everything a go and before long you’ll have the perfect combination figured out for your natural hair.

Let your hair rest

You don’t have to ‘style’ your hair every week to keep it healthy. Sometimes it’s good to let your hair breathe a little by applying lighter products and doing protective styles. Braids and twist outs are great for this and still look great!

Looking for all-natural styling products? Browse through our Superfood Collection and treat your hair today!

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