Our Story

Hav Haircare: Where it all Began


Hav Haircare was created by CEO Kay Wills who turned one of the lowest times of her life into the success that is Healthy Hair and Virtue.


In 2012, Kay suffered from major depression. Her condition got so severe that her mental health also took a toll on her physical health and she began losing her hair. As a child, Kay had always been passionate about her hair, but after being in an unhappy place for so long her hair was almost unrecognizable.


“While I cared for my hair, it helped me mentally”


After battling with her depression, Kay knew it was time for a change and set out to improve her overall well-being. She began experimenting with new hair products but found that her hair wasn’t improving, not only was it dry and brittle but her skin started to deteriorate too. Kay tried everything she could including a new skincare regimen, changing her hair bonnets and switching products but the situation didn’t change.


It wasn’t until Kay visited a dermatologist that she discovered her skin was reacting to products that were very concentrated in shea butter and glycerin and coconut oil. But, although Kay had the answer to one of her problems, finding products without these ingredients was a whole other struggle. Kay took matters into her own hands and began making her own hair care products straight from her kitchen. The more she threw herself into finding a solution and truly focusing on her hair, the better she felt mentally. Her natural hair began to flourish and so did she.


“To this day as I still struggle with depression, my wash days are my solace, styling my hair in the mornings is my pick me up, my hair gives me self-esteem. My hair is my everything!”


Through research and weeks of trial and error, Kay finally found ingredients that her skin and hair loved. By focusing on what made her feel good, Kay was able to channel her depression into something positive and hair became her solace. Friends and family wanted to know the secret to her hair growth and during her commutes to work on the NYC subway, ladies would ask for hair care tips. Soon enough Kay was being stopped on a regular basis. She made a leap of faith and Hav Haircare was born.


“If it wasn’t for my hair, I don’t know where I would be now”


Today, Kay’s brand is going from strength with a range of natural hair care products that support growth, hair health and manageability. Finding her passion is what got her through darker times and while Kay still has days where her depression is challenging, styling her hair is a pick me up that has a positive effect on her self-esteem.


Kay aims to make other people look and feel good with her products as well as remove the stigma of mental health in the black community. Supporting mental health charities is an important part of Hav Haircare and her goals are much greater than just creating products. Solace, self-esteem and long-term well-being are what make Kay and Hav Haircare what they are today.